Talent development (GDL Opportunity)

We support young people from the Universidad Tecnológica de la Selva in Chiapas and the Universidad Tecnológica de Manzanillo to come to Guadalajara for their professional stays.

It is a 4-month process in which they work in our companies on topics related to their career as a requirement for graduation so that they can gain experience in real companies and complement their university education. We have a double benefit, besides supporting them, we find young people with a lot of talent, very committed, excellent collaborators and above all, the desire to get ahead.

For the next cycle MAY - AUGUST, we want to continue supporting young people so we are looking for companies that are interested in participating and becoming human talent.

The mechanics is that you send us an email with the intention of having 1 or more boys in your companies and the profile they require, which come from Administrative Areas, Information Technology, Tourism, Gastronomy and Food.

Via Cluster we offer you a place to live, as well as money for food and transportation while you are in Guadalajara. We make you sign the rules (*) of coexistence and we present them to you so that you can start working.

IMSS issues are covered via an optional insurance provided by the University. Periodically we ask you to evaluate the boys for feedback and that in the end it will serve for the grade given by the University so that they can graduate.